Play as Dr Apple, Blood Orange, Strawberry Hero, Pom Pom Pomegranate, Grapezzz, or Dunkin Donut, competing in TWO PLAYER VERSUS COMPETITION against each other to bring all the sugar kitty crystals back to your home planet. Watch out for the insidious Captain Arrrtichoke!

One stick / One button / One hand controls:
MOVE around on a planet
JUMP off a planet to another planet
COLLECT sugar kitty crystals and bring them back to your planet
HOLD JUMP AND MOVE while floating to fly around (this slowly burns the sugar you are holding!)
DIVE by moving towards the direction of the current gravity pull (this does not burn any sugar!)

Momin Khan - Code
Jennifer Le - Art & Background
El Tucker - Code
Denzell Brown - Art & Characters
Joey Luck - Code
Daniel Davis - Music

Made for Global Game Jam 2019  hosted by RVA Game Jams!


Download 27 MB

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